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Astronauts Follow Me Down
High On Wheels

When I first listened to High On Wheels, they opened for US band Geezer at Espace B in Paris and I was struck by the energy they were able to deliver on stage. When their album "Astronauts Follow Me Down" was released last month, I... LISTEN


All Empires Fall

We, on this humble blog, have been serious Tombs fan since their debut album. It’s quite natural that we were stoked to see that the Brooklyn metal act was coming back, not long after the release of Savage Gold, with a new EP called All... LISTEN


Providence EP
Mars Red Sky

If you haven’t heard of Mars Red Sky yet, it’s definitely time to catch up. They have been part of the line up for the Up In Smoke Vol.7 tour in Europe along with Stoned Jesus and Belzebong, and that’s how I discovered them. Coming from France,... LISTEN



Lycus is a 4-piece Funeral Doom Metal band, Oakland based, and delivering with “Chasms” what is essentially a masterpiece in the genre. It is the sophomore LP of the band and it is signed on the one and only Relapse Records. Funeral Doom is supposed to... LISTEN


When Everything Means Nothing

What if we took a short break in our depressive search for extreme fatness (which often leads to extreme darkness) and looked at the bright side of the Heavy Rock scene? By “bright” I mean something just a little bit more groovy and edgy. That’s... LISTEN


The Harvest
Stoned Jesus

A few months ago, Ukrainian Stoner band Stoned Jesus released their new album "The Harvest", a brilliant opus which was given a very enthusiastic welcome by Doom/Stoner fans. Currently touring in Europe, they took a few minutes of their precious time to answer our questions. READ



Extreme fatness is probably the best way to describe Conan's unique musical trademark and rest assured that "Revengeance" makes no exception! 6 tracks, roughly 50 minutes of running time, this Conan’s new Doom signature may be exceeding our expectations. The first track "Throne of Fire"... LISTEN


With The Dead
With The Dead

If the cover artwork of "With The Dead" reminds us more of a poster for the new Disneyland’s Halloween party, be aware that what’s engraved in the vinyl acetate is actually extremely caustic for your ears and spirit. It is no secret, With The Dead was... LISTEN



As the band's name suggests, Fister is a brutal, unconventional and unique breed of metal. Originating from St Louis, the 3-piece band is critically and publicly acclaimed by the underground scene and already guilty of a very prolific production of Sludge/Doom/Stoner demos, splits and LPs. The... LISTEN


Grief's Internal Flower

The end of the year was the occasion for the specialised press, music blogs and generally speaking, for all the players of the music industry to expose their favorite albums and personal charts. A band frequently cropped up in the top of the underground Metal... LISTEN



Monolord’s Vaenir is an instant addiction, an immediate call of worship for the greater Doom. Right from the first blast of the very first song "Cursing the One", my favorite one on this opus (although it could also be any other one and, yes, even the... LISTEN



2015 is now drawing to a close, and I am in the mood of revealing my Heaviest Album of the Year. And what a piece of luck, we all agree about the winner, here, at A Definition Of The Fat, Inc. (we are two, actually). Well,... LISTEN


Spoils Of Failure
Buried Inside

Two words immediately come to mind when looking to describe this Vancouver's quintet latest release to date: EPIC SHIT! Spoils of Failure is one of the fattest, heaviest and most insanely brutal yet melodic opus known to man. Of course, their previous LP was already brilliant... LISTEN


The Harvest
Stoned Jesus

Stoned Jesus is a Stoner trio originating from Ukraine. They served up one of the most exciting albums of 2015, The Harvest. Here we go! What immediatly catches your attention while listening to the first seconds of The Harvest is the “punk it up” up-tempo groove... LISTEN



After eight reviews of fat and beefy albums on this blog, I guess it’s time to stop pounding on the meat for a second and have a musical break to soothe your blood-weeping ears with a dose of slow, atmospheric Post-rock. Here, the pill’s called... LISTEN

Doom, post metal-ish, sludge smth smth, whatever! This US Oregon band is fat, uncompromising and delivers one of the loudest, heaviest music of the past few years. No wonder they’re endorsed by Neurot, the Neurosis record label, since it’s pretty clear that YOB carries their legacy... LISTEN


Times Of Grace

And another legendary band to be praised by this humble blog: Neurosis, along with their emblematic bearded front men Scott Kelly and Steve Von Til, have definitely marked their musical territory by defining the sound of what was going to be called Post (metal and rock)... LISTEN


Oro: Opus Alter

As we discovered UFOmammut just a couple of years ago, they quickly ranked amongst our favorite bands, if not the one favorite. Why? First, they come from Italy, and being Italian is cool! Secondly, they play Green amps. And playing Green amps is cool! And... LISTEN



Another legendary band reviewed on this humble blog: Melvins, with their emblematic and hairy front man Buzz Osborne, definitely stand amongst the most influential people in the metal sphere and in music in general. This self-titled 1992 album, 5th one in the vast discography of the... LISTEN


Diamond Eyes

Deftones being one of my all-time favorite bands, this won’t probably be the most objective review about their work. But I just felt like sincerely giving back the love they have spread throughout my life over the years, with all the beautiful songs, incredible live... LISTEN


Primitive & Deadly

The most recent effort by the already legendary band EARTH is one piece of vintage flavored psyche rock with supreme attention brought to the sound and production. What draws immediately the listener to their hypnotic ambient music style (the vibe of the album is mostly instrumental)... LISTEN



Originating from Florida, Torche produces a much more lively Sludge. On previous albums like Meanderthal, some of their songs - Healer, Across The Shields, Fat Waves, etc - were even slightly tinged of that West Coast Punk touch. Still, they have always sounded huge and... LISTEN



So what better way to initiate this fat diet blog? At the crossroads between Sunn O))) and Deftones, Conan succeeds in blending heavily downtuned and rough guitars with sharp and tricky snares. In song Headless Hunter, particularly disjointed rhythm causes us to loose all sense of... LISTEN

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