Released June 22, 2016
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Released October 27, 2014
© 2014 HARPS.

about us.

HARPS is a Fuzz Rock band now based in Paris and composed by Julien (guitar and vocals), Matteo (bass), and Jerome (drums). The group combines different influences from Sludge to Post-metal, through Stoner, Psychedelic and Experimental rock.

Inspired by such various bands as UFOmammut, Neurosis, Deftones, Pink Floyd, Sonic Youth and Soundgarden to name just a few, Harps has started the endless Quest of the Holy Fat. A long journey that began a day of October 2014 with the release of our first EP featuring debut tracks “Back to the Ground”, “Everyone's Halloween”, “L'éclat” and “Warriors”.

From now on, each release shall be fatter, louder and heavier than the previous one, an oath the three of us have taken.

“A Definition of the Fat”

It's time to get high with our weekly selection of beefy Rock & Metal albums and songs: fuzz, sludge, doom, stoner, psychedelic and everything that makes you headbang slowly. Most of them are part of our inspiration and influences for HARPS.

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